Discover a new paradigm in collaborative work & wellness! Opening our first location in Culver City!

A private coworking collective for productivity, creativity, wellness & activism; founded by women of color. Welcome to allies.

About Blackbird

About our Founder and Advisory Board

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Why Blackbird

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What We Offer


private offices, dedicated desks, floating desks, conference


sound booth, black box performance, rehearse


wifi, printing, mail services


on site food and beverage


yoga, wellness room, fitness, classes


gallery, lounge space, meet & greets, travel

We Welcome Your Application!

This is a private membership coworking club with a plethora of amenities in the house. Members may come to do work, host a meeting in the conference room, order a snack, take a fitness break, record a podcast or read a play, attend the programming, organize an activism event, take a workshop or simply network and socialize with membership.