Why Blackbird?


Blackbird coworking collective is for women of color & allies; entrepreneurs in business, arts, activism & wellness who understand the essential aim toward diversity and work-life balance. Blackbird house provides an inspired gathering place with access to workspace choices and communal office amenities and a focus on exclusive programming that is diversity-centric and equally tailored for suits, creatives, activists, and nourishers.

Blackbird Coworking home: the physical space(s) 

  • Work — private offices, dedicated desks, floating desks, conference
  • Social — gallery, lounge space, meet & greets, travel
  • Wellness — yoga, wellness room, fitness, classes
  • Creative — sound booth, black box performance, rehearse
  • Nourish — on site food and beverage
  • Productivity — printing, mail services, storage

Blackbird Programming: the events, workshops, panels, speakers

  • Mentorship — Key to access for future generations
  • Diversity-centric & welcome to allies
  • Pillars — Creativity • Wellness • Activism • Productivity
  • Town Halls — state of our nation
  • B-Talks — speakers and panels to enhance work-life balance

Blackbird Network: a database for finding each other

  • Site to connect & collaborate
  • Remote access to “live streamed” events
  • Home for interconnectivity
  • IT/Tech & admin support