Founder and Advisory Board

About Our Founder & Advisory Board

Founder, Bridgid Coulter

We were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Spring 2018 found Bridgid looking for a new home for her design studio. She has worked from a traditional brick & mortar, home, coffee shops & restaurants, and in her new search she discovered the the commercial landscape had changed; yet she was open minded to the possibilities.

So she landed at a very chic professional space in Los Angeles that focused on women and she felt at home.  However, after a few months a new question emerged, what would it be like if the community where she parked our studio was focused on programming, wellness, creativity, activism, support & incubation to address specific needs of women of color.  What if this were a global network, connecting the women of color doing amazing work all over the world.  What if we could all find each other and share resources and opportunities?  So she got to work and went into a deep dive, an r&d period.

In addition, Bridgid felt strongly that while the focus would always be front and center on women of color; they should also welcome allies of all race and genders who were committed to similar values rooted in diversity.  The time is now for these sometimes tough conversations to be had amongst us all – united.  Collectively, these are the seeds of how Blackbird were born.  And beginning November 1, 2018 Bridgid was building the collective with an intention toward global connectivity.

Advisory Board (Includes Team & Executive Founding Members)

Bridgid is honored to be joined by a powerful collective of close knit friends & colleagues with a wide-range of business expertise from entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, creativity, civic activism & wellness; including key players from our company town – encompassing everything from entertainment to technology and beyond.

Back Row to Front Row:  Valeria Hernandez • Toni Thompson • Kristal Oates • Vicki Batkin • Dayna Lynn North • Michole Brianna White • Christina Gomes • Yolanda Martin • Bridgid Coulter • Christine Clemons

Charter / Public Statement: Our corporation’s public mission is to create a collective of physical and virtual workspaces around the globe that provide opportunities for the advancement of women of color and allies of all genders and to incorporate amenities into those workspaces that celebrate creativity and promote wellness and a balanced life for positive social and economic outcomes.  Our corporation’s network will induce equal access, advocate for political decency, engender hope and respect the planet.

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