About Our Founder & Founding Members

Founder, Bridgid Coulter

Spring 2018 found me looking for a new home for our design studio. Having operated from a traditional brick & mortar in downtown Santa Monica for 10 years; I was expecting to replicate my past model but in a new location. For the first year, I worked “in studio” from a design-build home we’d just completed in Venice. But when that sold, it was time to set up shop again — and while I had visited a couple other colleagues at their coworking spaces in the past, I’d never considered it for my studio. But figured I might as well explore that option with so many new player in the game now; and the many levels of amenities made this consideration impossible to ignore. I was especially drawn to spaces that were owned by or focused on supporting women. Light bulb! What would it be like to operate from such a space?

So by end of summer, I moved my studio into a postage stamped sized private office at a very nice coworking spot in West Los Angeles. I proceeded to join nomadic memberships at a few other coworking spaces in San Francisco and New York to work from when traveling. Now the responsibilities of operations were in the hand of the facility and my team could just focus on work. Pretty dope.

After a few weeks of working in that small glass cube within a beautiful space; access to conference rooms and fancy water; I found my team was inspired by the energy of the entrepreneurs and became even more productive. So the question became, what would it be like if the community where we parked our studio was focused on programming, support & incubation to address specific needs of people of color? Women (&men) of color are doing amazing work all over the world; what if we could all find each other and share resources? Thus the seeds for blackbird were born.

Founding Members, TBA

Bridgid has invited a close group of friends & colleagues with a focus on diversity and sisterhood (&brotherhood) to consider joining this venture in a variety of ways. Final list of colleagues and positions to be announced.